Spiritual/ Seer Phone Readings and Consultations
I offer four (4) types of seer reading services. The General Reading with Spiritual Consultation,General Reading, the Three Question Email Reading and the Yes or No Reading. Readings/Consultations are completed to determine how Sister Angel Rose can assist you with your case. Just as a doctor has to do an exam prior to committing to doing surgery, Sister Angel Rose has to do a reading before completing "spiritual surgery." To determine which reading would fit your needs, please read the details listed below.  Remember that all scheduled readings are on Eastern Standard Time. THIS IS A SERVICE &  NOT for Products or Goods. You are purchasing a Spiritual Reading Service with Sister Angel. Purchase means you agree to all terms/policies listed on this website. Refunds are only given if reading is never scheduled.
Psychic/Seer Reading with Spiritual Consultation (FOR NEW CLIENTS AND/OR NEW CASES)
This seer reading is for those who are looking for spiritual solutions to the problems they are currently facing within their everyday lives. The reading includes all the information given during a General Reading, but gives detailed spiritual advice and recommendations for the problems at hand. During this reading I will also make recommendations for further spiritual work that must be done in order to alleviate/solve the current or impending problems. I rely heavily on spirit for answers that will assist clients most beneficially. I do not claim to be a miracle worker, but I must say that I have seen many miracles take place.  Be aware that I do not accept every case, this is why I complete a reading first.
The length of this reading can also vary greatly depending on the needs of the client. Typically, readings range from forty-five (45) minutes to an hour. Be certain to look at the date range that I am currently scheduling for beside the "Buy This" button for most up to date scheduling information.
The cost for this type of reading is $90.00
Emergency Psychic/ Seer Reading with Spiritual Consultation (New & Past Clients)
(For a READING Scheduled Quick. Typically within 1  to 4 business days of payment)
I began offering this option because many time people have emergency situations and need to speak with me as soon as possible.  As I am always booked, I felt it important to offer an emergency option to those in need of it.  This reading is the same as the spiritual reading with consultation for new clients except its guaranteed to be scheduled within 1 to 4 business days of payment receipt (not counting Saturdays), unless otherwise listed.  If Sister Angel Rose is not available to complete your reading within the 3 to 4 business day time frame, you will be refunded the $25 emergency fee and you will be scheduled  as normal. I ask everyone to remember that we are closed on Sundays & Mondays so these days are not counted as business days . When these readings are not available I do try and make sure that it is listed as unavailable and/or fully booked.
The length of this reading can also vary greatly depending on the needs of the client. Typically, readings range from forty-five (45) minutes to an hour. 
The cost for this type of reading is $140.00                                
This psychic/ seer reading provides basic information typically concerning your current situations and problems including what choices for further action might be available to you. This reading is a question and answer reading and is great for those who want to make sure they are headed in the most beneficial direction. I also recommend this reading to clients who have worked with me in the past and only want updates on their current and future situations. Depending on your particular areas of interest, your reading may include information on any of the following areas: Love/Romance, Money/Finances, Career/Job interests, Health/ Happiness, Friendships/ Other Social Relationships, Eliminating Evil/Negativity/Jinxing/Crossing/Bad Luck, Court Cases/ Other Law Dealings, and other issues as the Spirit leads.
The length of this reading can vary depending on the individual client's needs and what the spirit may feel is necessary to cover all significant information. Typically, readings range from twenty (20) and up to Thirty (30) minutes.
The cost for this type of reading is $55.00
Setting of Spiritual Prayer Lites on my Alters
I will set a light (candle) for you and/or your loved ones. You need only ask! The cost for this service is only $2.00 to cover the cost of the candle/dressing. If you would like this service, after sending your payment please send me a message including your full name and date of birth, any other person's full name and date of birth for which the candle is to be set and the need or desire requested. Be sure to include your email address if you would like me to contact you with any relevant information. Currently I set lights for ALMOST ANY SITUATION AS LONG AS ITS OF THE DIVINE. I DON'T DO ANY SETTING FOR CONTROLLING OTHERS OR NEGATIVE INTENTIONS.  Please email your request to us at sisterangelrose@gmail.com
The cost of the candle to set a light for you is $2.00
Please Note that I DO NOT EVER accept clients for readings  or spiritual work who are currently working with any other spiritual practitioner, spell caster, psychic or spiritual professional for spells, magic of any kind or spiritual works. No EXCEPTIONS!
Those who decide to go against this rule will not be read nor refunded as the schedule has already been spent and can not be used for another client. It is advised to hold your reading until you are fully complete with all spiritual works/magic/spells with others and then schedule your reading with Sister Angel. Purchase of a reading means you agree with all policies and rules listed on website. 
For those purchasing readings with someone else's credit/debit card information please note that your reading will be scheduled for 2 weeks out (NO EXCEPTIONS) from purchase date to make certain of cardholders agreement. To forego this mandatory 2 week wait period please do email the front and back of the state issued ID/ Driver's License of the purchaser to us at sisterangelrose@gmail.com
Forms of Payments Accepted
I accept payments for readings and services in the following ways:
(1) You may pay for my services by clicking on "Buy This" and paying with a credit card or bank account through Paypal.
(2) You may go directly to the Paypal website and "Send Money" to my email address at sisterangelrose@gmail.com .
(3) You may send a POSTAL Money Order (only) to my P.O. Box and pay to the order of  T. Thomas PO Box 678322 Orlando, FL 32867 . Be sure to include your phone number in the memo portion of the money order so I will know how to contact you.
(4) I no longer accept Money Gram or Western Union as this is the form of payment that many scam artists are now accepting from clients. Don't Be Fooled By Fakes! For more information on how not to be fooled by fake psychics and fake spiritual practitioners  Click Here
Full Refunds- Full Refunds will be given only if Sister Angel Rose cancels an appointment for a Spiritual Reading and/or Consultation and the client does not wish to reschedule. Purchased readings MUST be scheduled within 2 weeks of purchase or there is no scheduling or refund promised.
Partial Refunds and Rescheduling-Sister Angel Rose waits 10 minutes for a scheduled client's call.  After the first 10 minutes of no showing the appointment is considered missed.If a client misses the first appointment for a scheduled Emergency Reading or Spiritual Reading with or without a Consultation then he or she must reschedule within 24 hours of missing that appointment or he or she will forfeit all paid funds  and forfeit the opportunity to reschedule.  If a client misses the second scheduled appointment, then no refund will be given, nor will rescheduling be available. If a client must reschedule he or she must give a 24 hour notice for rescheduling or the appointment will be considered a first missed appointment upon the actual miss and will be subject to the above rules.  If the client misses the second appointment then again the above rules would apply. If the 24 hour notice is given then rescheduling will be completed at both the client's and Sister Angel Rose's discretion. All rescheduling, even those for emergency readings, within the rules above will be rescheduled at Sister Angel Rose's discretion and time frame. No refund will be given for missed emergency readings, nor will missed emergency readings be rescheduled during future emergency times/dates. ALL missed readings will be scheduled as regular readings at Sister Angel's discretion and time frame. ALL Rescheduling Requests MUST be completed via email for record purposes. A client MAY NOT reschedule via phone.
Refunds will not be given for any spiritual work/prayers completed as time, energy and spiritual supplies have already been utilized. No exceptions. We make no claims or promises.
Sister Angel Rose at msangelrose.com and sisterangelrpsychic.com, hoodoodoctor.com , voodooworker.com  and miracleutopia.com specializes in: christian magic, hoodoo, hoodoo root work,  rootwork and voodoo spiritual advisement and services.  Sister angel rose, being a rootworker deals in spirituality and  spiritualism of all forms including hoodoo rootwork and conjure related to christianity and christian rootwork. Sister Angel Rose is a spiritualist. She is a world renown and famous psychic and root doctor from Mississippi who know lives in Florida. Through the use of hoodoo, and root work, as a root doctor Sister Angel Rose uses Christian magic to make miracles occur for her clients and Sister Angel Rose is known for being the most powerful root doctor and most powerful voodoo doctor and the most accurate psychic reader. Sister Angel brings back lost loves and returns lovers in difficult situations. Through the use of Christian hoodoo and voodoo Sister Angel Rose as a Root Doctor helps thousands of people.   This type of christian magic often associated with the  occult includes services such as pyschic phone readings and spiritual phone readings. Sister Angel Rose, has a deep understanding of what other occultist and  hoodoo rootworkings in general. Sister Angel Rose is also an initiate of Voodoo, also known as voudo, voodu, and voudun. Many people question how rootwork , tarot, and  tarot spells are intertwined. Sister Angel Rose's hoodoo rootwork includes working with  amulets and talisman, mojo bags, nations sacks and magical spell work. Sister Angel must first complete a through tarot reading or African shell reading to determine what each individual clients needs are. Through the use of  hoodoo talismans, rootwork mojo bags and sexual magic, Sister Angel can assist you in making your desires a reality. She is an expert in casting magic love spells, sexual magic, sexual rootwork and hoodoo love conjure of all types. Although hoodoo spells, spiritual work and  spiritual rootwork are within her roots she is also well versed at many different types of magical practices and proves this through her diverse types of  psychic readings and psychic practicies. Msangelrose.com also includes Free Spells and Conjure along with Intuitive counseling and voodoo magic/magick options. Although psychic tarot readings and spiritual readings are standard during a spiritual consultation whith Sister Angel, it is also important to remember that she also consults the Shells as a Divination  source.  Sister Angel Rose makes no guarantees for spiritual activities/ prayers completed on behalf of clients. Sister Angel Rose sells hoodoo oils, hoodoo colognes, hoodoo candles, ritual candles, hoodoo baths, hoodoo floor wash, lucky money, hoodoo luck oils, luck candles, money candles, hoodoo money, hoodoo love, hoodoo incense, hoodoo spell kits, hoodoo spells, hoodoo packages, hoodoo occult, hoodoo return love, hoodoo black magic, hoodoo dark magic, free hoodoo spells and more. Sister Angel Rose at miracleutopia.com has many items such as voodoo oils, voodoo colognes, voodoo candles, voodoo love magic, free voodoo spells, free consultation, voodoo money spells, voodoo luck spells, voodoo baths. Sister Angel Rose works with voodoo spirits such as papa legba, erzulie Freda, erzulie Dantor, Danballa, Erzulie La Sarine and many more voodoo and ancestral spirits to assist in a Christian way of bring about change in clients lives fast. Miracleutopa.com also has magic oils, magic candles, magic baths, magic colognes, magical products, magic spirit products. Sister Angel Rose is a Christian Psychic who is a truthful root doctor and honest Psychic and honest root worker. She handles each case individually herself and is always avaialble to assist clients with thier individual needs. Vodun is utilized by Christians and is very misunderstood but through the use of hoodoo and vodoo my clients gain powerful miracles in thier lives.Sister Angel Rose is a Christian spiritualist. At the www.miracleutopia.com and www.hoodoocandles.com and www.voodoowarehouse.com we specialize in hoodoo candles, hoodoo oils, hoodoo products, hoodoo powders, hoodoo colognes, hoodoo mojo sacks, mojo bags, and hoodoo baths, hoodoo voodoo, and emergency spells and hoodoo candles. The Miracle Utopia also has hoodoo spell kits and hoodoo ritual kits that are very powerful voodoo magic. Powerful free hoodoo magic spells are also offered along with free voodoo magic spells and free voodoo spells and free hoodoo spells. The Miracle Utopia prides itself in offering free hoodoo lessons as hoodoo root are what we are all about with our hoodoo. Being two Root workers from Mississippi with white magic and powerful black magic we feel that hoodoo and rootwork also known as root work and root worker is very important within African American magic and conjure. Many people have historically looked to hoodoo magic and voodoo magic for answers to life questions and solutions to life problems. Root work has always been important in black southern culture. Hoodoo is associated as being a form of Christian magic as it is practiced by Christian Root Doctors. The Miracle Utopia specializes in Hoodoo spell work and emergency voodoo spells and emergency spell casting. As spell casters, Root workers and conjure practitioners and spiritualists the owners of Miracle Utopia work to provide powerful magick to those who seek magic oils, magic candles, magic powders, magic baths and magic bath washes, and magic mojo bags, and also magic powders, and magic spell kits and lastly with magic spells. www.Sisterangelpsychic.com and the Miracle Utopia and www.hoodoocandles.com as well as www.voodoowarehouse.com all bring powerful voodoo oils, voodoo products, voodoo candles and voodoo colognes and voodoo mojo bags and voodoo mojo sacks all allow customers to perform powerful love spell and powerful magic spells with little or no experience in magick. Voudo is also known as voudun and voudoo, vodoo, and voodoo all are known uses of the term which is also associated to christian magic although many people who are spiritualist, spell casters, Voodoo priests and voodoo priestess and spiritual practitioners are the only ones who know it. People often think of a psychic when they think of magick or witchcraft but a psychic is different. Many people who are psychic also call themselves spiritual readers or psychic readers, or even a seer. Papa Legba is a spirit in vodou that opens the way for success in all kinds. We offer road opener candles and road opener oils and other road opener products with remove blockage fast. Removing blockage and removing curses and removing jinxes are essential to being successful. Uncrossing is also important as uncrossing brings spiritual relief. A seer is a person known to be able to give spiritual advisement and intuitive counseling to clients and customers. To be a Voodoo doctor many people look for a two headed doctor who works and does both good magic or white magic and also black magic or dark magic or bad magic. A Voodoo Doctor is often very powerful and works with spirits to provide fast results to clients. Rootworkers are people who are often psychics and give spiritual readings. www.sisterangelpychic.com  and www.voodooworker.com and www.hoodoodoctor.com at Black magic oils and black magic powders and black magic products are available such as to hot foot a person you must use hot foot oil to get rid of a person. Sister Angel rose is a Voodoo Worker and an authentic Root worker and authentic voodoo doctor. The Miracle Utopia offer authentic hoodoo oils and authentic Hoodoo products. We offer authentic voodoo spells and authentic voodoo oils and authentic voodoo candles. We have powerful break up oils and powerful break up spell kits. The powerful black magic spells gain fast results for clients. Our love drawing powders and love drawing candles and love drawing oils work fast and bring love magically to you. We have Fiery Romantic Love products. And Fiery romantic Love oils and other magic products and voodoo products. It is important in voodoo to remove negativity and remove curses and remove jinxes and sometime to put a curse on someone and at other times to put a jinx on someone who you don’t like or want around. Magic is also used to get rid of an unwanted person or people. The hoodoo items also include lucky money powder and lucky number powder. The lucky numbers are also available for magic gambling. We offer success products that help you gain a job and help you get a job. Our products include inexpensive oils but powerful conjure oils and conjure candles. Voodoo products are very important in receiving successful results and magical results that are miracles. Herbs are utilized in every product that is sold. The Miracle Utopia has herbal baths and 13 herb baths and 7 herb baths that offer powerful magic and lucky baths with lucky numbers and gambling magic. Powerful herbs are important in any spiritual practice or spiritual products and is essential in magical works. Voodoo and hoodoo both use magical herbs and herb magic within each magic herb products with herbs and roots that are used in magic products and voodoo oils, and conjure oils. 7 day candles are very important in magical practice as well as magic jar candles and hoodoo candles and voodoo candles. Each 7 day candle can burn for several days and bring magic and fast results into a persons magical life and voodoo work or hoodoo rootwork. Root work is known to use spiritual oils and spiritual powders and spiritual candles to assist in gaining positive fast results. Fast results and mojo sacks go hand in hand and are also called a magical hand or a nations sack. A nations sack is know to help a woman tie a man and also to return a lover. Return a lover or make someone come back to you is very important in hoodoo, voodoo, root work, and magic. The Miracle Utopia has free magic lessons and free hoodoo lessons and free voodoo lessons but doesn’t have free readings. We offer psychic readings from an honest and reliable powerful psychic reader who is also known as Sister Angel Rose. Sister Angel Rose is known for her voodoo and hoodoo root work and as a Root worker and Root woman who brings miracles in an honest way to clients. She is a world renown psychic and always helps clients receive fast magic results. The Miracle Utopia and white magic www.voodooworker.com and www.hoodoodoctor.com and www.miracleutopia.com  also sells Holy magical weight loss tea that is a magic and holy weight loss tea that assists those who want to lose weight fast.  We also have pussy candles, vagina candles, penis candles, cock candles, black magic candles, break up candles and candles that make someone ask you for marriage or make them marry you magically. Mystical oils and mystical candles are also offered at www.voodoowarehouse.com and www.hoodoocandles.com. Mystical powders are also available with magical amazing results. Vodoo colognes and hoyts cologne and voodoo colognes and hoodoo colognes are powerful and available. Conjure and black magic spells are available.
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Sister Angel Rose
1801 N Econ Trail #678322
Orlando, FL 32867-8322
(407) 283-5456
Spiritual Readings and Services by 
Sister Angel Rose
Mississippi Spiritual & Intuitive Counselor
Change Your Life Through Miracle Solutions!!
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