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Sister Angel Rose
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I have been a client of Sister Angel Rose since 2010. I consider myself EXTREMELY blessed to have connected with her! I am so thankful that God placed her on my path! She is extremely gifted, caring and non-judgmental! Prior to becoming her client I tried other readers and spiritual workers and they were a complete waste of time, energy and money. When I had my first reading with Sister Angel Rose in 2010 I could immediately tell that she was different and that she was in fact the REAL DEAL! I was completely blown away by her accuracy. I only stated my name and date of birth and she took it from there! Earlier this year she completed Heart-Warming/Opening and Protection Spiritual Work (In Person Spiritual Ceremony) on my behalf to assist with love sweetening of my relationship and protecting my relationship from the negative forces of meddling individuals that had been extremely problematic in the overall health and success of my relationship. The results have been absolutely amazing! Our relationship has improved and the meddling individuals have stopped their meddling completely and have now placed their focus elsewhere! If you desire REAL RESULTS I highly recommend Sister Angel Rose! She is absolutely THE BEST! 

South Carolina

Thank you for all the accurate predictions concerning my love life and career. Since 2016 when I first met you, you and Spirit have been my guiding angels and I know I can always count on you both when in doubt.
Where do I begin? I have been working with Ms. Angel for about 13 years; off and on, primarily more in the last 8 years than before. I have come to here with situations that have been devastating, confusing, great you name it; we've talked about it. Six years ago, I came to her at a time when I was completely lost; my ex-husband abruptly left me and the kids for someone else and in turn; it caused a major strain on my health, financially and my mental stability. When I reached out to her; I could barely complete a sentence (which is abnormal for me). It was at that time she gave me the news (i already knew) but insisted that I get Open Road work (A HEAVY DUTY CLEANSING) done ASAP. I thought to myself; "where am I going to get the finances to do that?" Anyway; I borrowed the money from a family member and got it done. She sent specific steps back to me and it was very hard for me to understand (as I stated; I was mentally blocked). After several conversations I got it right. Sister Angel was patient with me; however she was stern with her instructions. Let me tell you; my ENTIRE life changed. My kids and I moved to a new apartment (bc, I had lost the home I had), I got a career (paying me very well) (bc I had lost that too) got a brand new car (bc I lost that) and everything around me went up FAST!! My entire life changed in a matter of months; because I was consistent and I had her backing me. From that point; it just got better. My ex husband soon realized he had completely ruined his life and co- parenting has been great! But this most recent event has been a thought provoking one. Remember when I said things were going great; they have continued to go great; but I ran into an issue with luck. It seemed like the more money I made; the more it was disappearing. I called Sister Angel and she said " your luck is off". I had no problem doing the work. Again, immediately, I began to see changes financially; even through this plandemic. I have lost weight, I am glowing, I feel better and the people who are in my life are supposed to be there. I wish I could show you before and after photos; but if you are having any doubts on Sister Angel and her team; DONT. She is the truth. BUT you have to be willing to do your part. You cannot be soft. You cannot be unwilling to hear the truth. Most times; we want to hear what we want to hear and with her, she's gonna give it to you straight; but in a caring manner. She has become a true friend and I trust her advise implicitly. Please DONT hesitate to schedule a reading and dont be scared of the conversation. She had a true gift; just be willing to accept it.
Wake Forest, NC
Sister angel is God sent, I did a (IN PERSON CLEANSING CEREMONY) cleansing with her oct 2018, since then my whole life has changed, I let go off my ex husband who was no good , I got divorced in may 2019. I met a powerful man of god, who is my bestfriend,and treats me with respect.  I never knew  men like this still exist.  I am now married to this man, living a new life, and is very happy. Thanks to sister angel who by the help of god did it for me, she gave me a new and happy life. Sister angel is sent by god
I don't know where to start ! Until I stumbled upon this God sent Angel my life was a fringing MESS! Unhappy , crying. I couldn't understand why I was going thru what I was goi g through! I tried to get help from other who CLAIM they could help and all they did was take my money! Until GOD and the universe lead me to Sister Angel and my life has changed! I did the ceremony & I could tell the difference. I was happy , singing , dancing and months later I was offered a new position despite the situation at hand! This lady & her crew is Legit ! The BOMB. Com
Los Angeles, CA
About a 3 weeks ago , I searched one of the Facebook groups that I?m In for a spiritual advisor . Sister Angel Rose was thee very first person that popped up , but from a post that was posted over a year ago . I didn?t scroll any further or think twice about It , i went to her site right away . I was truly called to her & today I found out why . I?ve been very anxious these past couple of weeks but It was worth the wait . What I needed and more . I feel confident In knowing what I know now . I?m grateful for confirmation after confirmation . I was comfortable the whole time . Thank you very much . Until next time .
Golden Love
Atlanta, GA
This is awesome woman of God.If you allow God to use her to help you and just listen your life will change and your life do a 360?change. I had a spiritual cleansing (FULL IN PERSON CEREMONY) done with her. My life was a mess everything was blocked my finances and my love life. I was dealing with a man that was below my  
standards. In my reading she said that the guy I'm dealing with was not who God had for me. Her cleansing removed all blockages.After my cleansing (CEREMONY) everything started to flow. Now I have a wonderful a man in my life and i got a raise on my job
South Carolina 
If you are looking for honest and great pshychic, then, Sister Angel Rose is the REAL deal guys!!! I can't thank her enough. Her work has always on point and she will tell you guys the truth wheather you like or not. I have been getting her spiritual guidance for 10 years since 2009 summer to 2019. (I am writing this review in 2019 fall.)  When I first spoke to her, she kept repeating " but, there is another child in this relationship" in a whole 45 mins.  At that time, I couldn't think of another child in the relationship that she was talking about.  Then, 3 months later..., She was right! ( that person in the relastionship was 5 months pregnant ) I was shocked. I coouldn't believe it.  Not only the she was accurate about the relationship but also nailed it about other child which was in womb. 
During the session, she may tell you something off subject if the spirits want you to know( warning ) something. I found this very helpful and great.
Her hoodoo ritual works very POTENT!  Love portion worked and still working which made him very loyal partner and still is.
There were spiritual war going on in my life and dark spirits were sent to me at one point.
Protection Ritual literary SAVED my life from fatal car accident that not many people survived from. It was a miracle/ magikal that the EMERGENCY HOSPITALS started using my case as a protocol. If I didn't have her work on me, I don't think I am alive and writing this review. (
She has always been guiding me that right path and making me feel at ease about my life.
Miami,  FL
Mrs.Angel is so wonderful and I am very thankful each and every time I talk to her. Me and my ex had broken up.  He was very adamant about moving on and not trying again because we had constantly argued. He also felt we weren’t a good match. I wanted to be with him so I contacted Mrs.Angel and got some love work done. We broke up in the middle of March and got back together in the middle of July. The love work that I got done worked and it just took me being patient and not worrying about it. Thank you Mrs.Angel for bringing my old man back to me with the love work that was done. 
Austin, TX
Sister Rose was defiitely God sent to me. I have readings, and candles lit, both have been amazing. The candles work soo well that I often get them lit, and every single time I can tell when she has lit the candle and prayed vs when the candle goes out! I plan to (continue) be a client of Sister Rose, God gave her this gift for us... I thank God for her, and her spiritual gift. Be blessed.
Thank you for being the Angel that helped guide me to get out of my own way. Because of you I now view life as beautfiul as a rose. Sister Angel Rose your name suits you!
Forever Grateful,
Good day all,
I have known Sister Angel for 7 years & she's the person I contact when I need answers that cannot come to myself clearly. I have enjoyed all my readings and the Annual Readings are THE BEST!!!
I have received instructions, baths & guidance from her that have helped me time & time again.
I strongly recommend you contact her if you're stuck on any subject & I strongly recommend using her as a personal/spiritual coach because she can help you become your BEST & most abundant self.
This testimony comes from the bottom of my heart & I recommend her to everyone I know.
Love & prosperity to all of you who read this,
Ontario, Canada
Let me first start off by saying that I've been working with Sister Angel for 12 years. Every thing I've done with her has been amazing! I set up an emergency appt. and had the reading today. Because everything is an emergency!! Apparently everything is going great!! I had some work done last year to open my roads and apparently its worked!! (Client won her difficult legal proceeding as well as secured a new and better job after being fired as well as is now in position to purchase a new home) Things are looking great and my luck as turned completely around (which I didn't know). You know how life is; you get on a role and don't notice how good things are until Sister Angel tells me so! Working with her has been amazing to say the least! Thank you Angel.
North Carolina
Sister Angel Rose is AMAZING! I have been a client of hers for over 8 years. Her readings are always accurate. My boyfriend and I recenntly broke up after an arguement. After 3 years of being in a relationship together, he told me it was over and that I should move on. He stopped answering my phone calls and he stopped responding to any of my text messages. I immediately reached out to Sister Angel Rose for assistance with getting him to come back to me. I ordered her "Emergency Return My Lover" Ritual and she started the work within 24 hours. I followed her directions EXACTLY as she instructed and boy were the results AMAZING! He came back to me in TWO DAYS! Our relationship has improved, he is now more giving and our communication has improved tremendously. Now he text and calls at least 2 times per day! Words can't describe how grateful I am to Sister Angel Rose for her help! For anyone who may be skeptical or doubtful, let me assure you that Sister Angel Rose is the TRUTH and she gets RESULTS! I highly recommend her to anyone who desires spiritual assistance and/or direction.
sister angel rose is god sent, I was at the end of the road when she did it for me. (through a heavy duty cleansing ceremony in person to remove evil  and blocks) I am free and have a new life. she turn all my sorrows to joy. She is a very spiritual, will always reccommend her, she is awesome.
My partner left and I recently requested an emergency ritual from Sister Angel. I followed all the instructions. During the course of the ritual and afterwards, our relationship has improved with contact and visits between us flowing so much better. Better communication and whatever was blocking our feelings before has disappeared and the loving feelings are back again, even better than before. We still have some decisions to make but I can tell you now, without Sister Angel Rose's help, we would not be where we are today. I followed up with a reading and my goodness, it is as though Sister Angel was a fly on the wall. She knew things that only spirit could have told her. She has advised how to navigate the near future for smoother sailing ahead. Sister Angel Rose is a beautiful, wonderful person. I am so grateful for her help and guidance. Thank you so much Sister Angel Rose.
M.P. Australia
I had a spiritual cleansing with Sister Angel and boy did my life turn around.  I became more happier and felt so free.  Things began to work out for me.  Sister Angel is the real deal I just wish I had come to her years ago instead of carrying all of that negative stuff around.
T. M.
Duncan, SC
Sister Angel is absolutely amazing!!  And I am speaking from experience of the many times I have reached out to her regarding numerous situations that was not going my way and she turned them around. My most current situation was with my boyfriend whom I have been with for seven years all of a sudden decided he no longer wanted to be in a relationship with me anymore, At first I thought he was just talking, but I began to notice a change in how he interacted with me which was totally out of the norm, It was as if he nearly hated me of course I felt another woman was involved and I didn't know what to do, so I scheduled a reading with Sister Angel.  During the reading Sister Angel was able to determine what the problem was and I followed her guidance as she preformed her work and before long my "Boo" and I were back together again just as before. I will tell any of you if you are in doubt about Sister Angel don't be she is the "truth" by all means. I know there are a lot of fakers out there and I have came across them too, but since making contact with Sister Angel I need not look any further, I've been dealing with her for several years and plan to continue. If you don't believe me just try her one time, schedule a reading and that alone will knock your socks off because you will be shocked at how accurate she is. She will not sugar coat anything she keeps it real with you, but at the same token she will fix whatever situation you are dealing with so that it may work in your favor.
V. Jones  (Memphis, TN)
I would like to thank sister Angel Rose for her help.....i needed help with getting a new job and she waa able to help me in less than a week to obtain a great position!....i was informed i had the job in less than 2 hours after the interview....thanks sister Rose
Michelle (Houston, TX)
Sister Angel Rose is AWESOME AND 100 ACURATE with her reading and work. On Nov 4, 2017 Sister Angel Rose came to my house and did a SPIRITUAL CEREMONY, HOUSE CLEANSING  AND LOVE SWEETENING CEREMONY. we never had this done before. What a BLESSING that was. These are the results that has happen so far more to come.  I will post more results  as they manifest. Sister Angel said nothing will be able to come back into our house of evil contact anymore. I have some vicious enemies who are family members who have tried to come into our house, but they can't like Sister Angel said they can't come back into my house. Next, one of my vicious relative stole some money from my parent in Oct 2016, I asked the relative in Aug 2017 why she took the money, the relative said to me, that's not my business. Two week after the spiritual work this relative got so overwhelmed and frustrated she got a lawyer and she told her lawyer she  was tried of this mess, she want to give back my parent the money that was stolen. Her lawyer told her it would be best to give back the money, because with all the evidences that was against her, and she would not win in court, and she would have to pay all the court fees. Guess WHAT, NOW It IS MY BUSINESS NOW, my lawyer has the check from her and I am waiting for the check to clear the bank in a few days and then I will receive it. THIS RELATIVE IS SO DUM FOUNDED CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHAT HAPPEN.  Sister Angel also, told me everything that the relative try to do will not work. This relative and the lady at the bank called DHR on me, stating that I was on drugs, trying to get my parent money to support my drug habit. Everyone know I am not on drugs nor drink. DHR said do not worry about it I know you well, you don't do any drugs, smoke nor drink. So don't worry about that relative. Next the relative kept trying, she called the local police on me twice. The first time I explain to the officer how this relative stole my parent money and I showed the officer ALL of the FRAUDLENTS banks statement that this relative did to my parent. Again he said he wasn't going to get involved. Second visit my 3 loads of cops came to my house 2 days later this time relative push another relative to send the police to do a well check. This relative thought he could bully me because he is a doctor by calling the cops on me. I let the cops in they said  WE CAN'T SEE ANYTHING WRONG. I had to explain to the officer that this relative stole some money from my parent.And that she was going to make my life a living hell. IT DIDN'T WORK. Again like Sister Angel said no evil will not be able to ever to come back into our house again.Everything these vicious relatives trying to do to me is not working. They have tried very hard, it's not working in their favor. My boyfriend left me and moved back to his hometown in Feb, 2017. I had not heard from him until this morning Dec 18,2017 (AFTER SISTER ANGEL DID THE LOVE SWEETENING). He said he miss me so bad, love me and asking question can he come to see me. Sister Angel Rose is not no JOKE. She is an Awesome LADY of GOD. WHOEVER, is reading my testimony PLEASE PLEASE get Sister Angel Rose to do a SPIRTIUAL CEREMONY IN PERSON for you will EXTREMELY OVERWHELMED WITH THE RESULTS SISTER ANGEL IS THE BEST I HAVE CAME ACROSS. I will always be a client of her.
Mayoto (Alabama)
Sister angle Rose is beyond amazing!!.. I had a spiritual cleansing done, and I feel so much relief of stress, worrying, anger, that black cloud is gone and felt when it left.. my mind is cleared, and I feel different I feel good, happy!!
S.D. (Monticello, FL)
My husband was facing serious time. Sister Angel Rose helped us and his sentence was reduced. I'm so Thankful and Blessed to have her help.
S.M. (McDonough, GA)
Let me start off by saying Sister Angel Rose is truly God sent. Back in October 2016 I did a reading with Sister Angel Rose she was on target 100%. I was having trouble in my household from a relative that didn't even live in my household. This relative cause all kind of confusion and destruction in my household.  This trouble has been going on since April 29, 2015. When I got the reading and ritual work done with Sister Angel immediately in the matter of days of her work things started changing for the better. Now my household is at peace once again. At the beginning of May 2017 I took a trip to New Orleans for some me time alone, when I got to the hotel, the lady at the front desk said I didn't have to pay anything for the room, because my hotel points took care of it. The day I returned back home from New Orleans I went by my po box at the post office to get my mail, there was a check mailed me from the hospital of $2795.00 from my car accident, my lawyer paid the hospital that amount in March 2017.  May 6, 2017 I went to the state line to get lottery tickets and scratch off I played one $25 Jumbo scratch and won $500.00 Things began to get better for me. I am always going to stick with Sister Angel Rose.
M.T.  (Alabama)
I had my reading with Sister Rose on March 7, 2017 , Sister Rose is Heaven sent! This lady is truly spiritual and Gifted. When I spoke with Sister Rose she was very honest and direct with me and everything she mentioned  in my reading was very accurate and on point. I have never in my life seen someone so Amazing, I wrote down every question on a paper to asked and she answered every single questions before I could even ask (Still in shock) I have got readings in the past by Readers, But when I tell you nobody has every been 100% accurate like Sister Rose. I say you will not be disappointed with non of her work!
A. Allen (Tampa, FL)
I am so late sending this and I sincerely apologize. I scheduled an emergency reading with sis Angel and my reading took place 2-24-2017 ,  let me just start off by saying she is wonderful, she has a very kind and patient spirit. She told me everything I confirm in my mind before talking to her. She was dead on target. I have dealt with some workers and NONE of themhave been on point like Sis. Angel, she told me what I needed to do and she did not cut corners with me, she gave me answers I was not happy about but she was straight forward, she did not pressure me. She made me feel at ease, this woman is the truth, I am very blessed to have spoken to her. I now have clarity on some things in my life I was unsure of. I will be using her services again.
Angela C. (Atlanta, GA)
Thank you so much sister rose she is gifted spiritual person i just thank her for answering all of my questions..she have giving me a lift from what i was feeling.
Latoya (Philadelphia, PA)
I had a reading with sister angel rose because I want my ex back. she honestly said it was a low perecentage to bring him back (Note: because he was not good for her or who God had for her) but I still wanted to try (Note:This client received a spiritual cleansing to open the way for blessings and along with work to open her love pathways). After I finished phase 1 work with sister angel rose. I got a job offer with high salary after i unemployed and failed for job interview for 4 months! And has many guys come in my life even a guy i even date before. This is shocked, the result is great and I waiting for work with her for completion. I am so happy to decided to work with her:)
CM (Thailand)
Sister Angel Rose is a blessing. The work she does is pure and helps you realize the things you want in life and then obtain them from her Emergency rituals to all other work she does it works. She has helped me so much over the past few years. I would reccommend her to anybody going through anything. (Note: Client recently received a job offer after having the Emergency Favor Me Ritual completed on his behalf)
Tyler T. (Louisiana)
I recently had my first reading with Sister Angel Rose and let me tell you that she is the real deal. She is truly gifted and has a good sense of humor. I was sooo nervous at the beginning but she helped me calm down and relax. Ms. Rose and the spirits help me open my eyes to issues that I have been dealing with and now I know what to do to resolve them. I am so thankful for best friend referring me to her and I will be doing the same. Thank you so much Ms. Rose and the spirits . Peace and Blessings.
Allison (PA, Texas)
I met Angel over 2 years ago. I wanted a sweetener spell to keep a man. She helped me realize that I didn't need someone who didn't want to be with me. To think a few years ago I came to her for a spell to make him want me lmbo. Now I have somebody that not only wants me but deserves me and shows me everyday just how important I am to him (btw no magic used) So Thanks Angel for my wake up call, I didn't like you for it then but because I knew you were right, I listened and with the help of ypu and spirit my soul mate found me. I love you for being who you are and not compromising because honestly back then I'd have paid any amount of money to hear what I wanted to hear and not the truth. Now 2 years later I'm happily engaged to the man who couldn't come into my life until I'd severed all chords (with spiritual cleansing and personal work) with the wrong man who was just taking up space. Thanks Angel for guiding me with the help of spirit.
D. (Americus, GA)
Sister Angel was spot on with my love and career situation. She was very understanding, accurate, informative (besides having a great sense of humour) and gave me an insight into wonderful opportunities  the future has in store for me. I don't have to worry about being stuck in a rut. She is my guiding angel and I know I always have her by my side. Thank you  Sister Angel and the spirits.
Puja  (Sydney, NSW - Australia)
Don't look any futher! I ordered the (Emergency) return my lover ritual from Sister rose and let me tell you!!! It worked. She did that (as the saying goes). I started my ritual on a Wednesday and my beau called on Thursday. He came over the same day that he called and thank the Lord and Siater Rose; he has NOT left!!!!! He's a different person. I can't wait to get a READING when she starts doing readings again!!! If  you want results;  #SisterAngelROSE
Sharon (Maryland)
Sister Angel Rose is the truth! She was spot on throughout our entire reading, and told me things that I have always known, but could not, or would not voice.  Thank you
M. Rose (Brooklyn, NY)
I am amazed at the precise detail that was given during my reading. I am even more grateful for the detail given in my journey.Sister Angel Rose assisted in the transformation of my life from rags to riches. I am forever grateful and will never ever forget this journey.
L.C. (Bunn, NC)
Ms Angel gave me a very interesting and accurate reading. She was very nice and direct and honest. She definitely has very strong spiritual gifts. She is very understanding. If you need help call her today. She can help you with your problems. Thank you Ms. Rose may God continue to bless you.
Trina M (Central Virginia)
I had the best reading of my life with Angel. She told me things that have improved how I see myself. I have hope now that was not there before my very in-depth reading. So gratful to Angel, God bless you forever
Brenda (South Carolina)
Had a reading today with Sister Rose and I'm still in awe.  Sister Rose connected with me and provided me the details of my situation with 100% accuracy. She was able to give me insight on my situation. This immediately removed a weight from my shoulders, as I blamed myself for my significant other leaving. In reality there were other, latent issues that caused our seperation.
Sister Rose is truly gifted and compassionate.
KG (Florida)
Ms sister angel rose is the best! her reading was very accurate and actually helped me push foward from wanting a man i thought really loved me because other scam artist said we were soul mates ! she is very kind , & will take her time with you Also very caring ! i will continue to work with her i love how she was honest with me . thank u sister angel rose
Ariel (North Carolina)
First I want to give thanks to God for putting sister Angel in my life,she has made my life so complete.I never meet anyone in my life that was half as good as sister angel she is one of a kind. I been fighting for my disability for years,After working with sister angel for a few months as of today I am now fully favored and have my disability. I want to say Thank You Thank You ThankYou Sister Angel Rose,God Bless You and to God Be The Glory Hats Off To You.
Wanda (North Carolina)
Sister Angel Rose has made great things happen in my life (after doing a spiritual cleansing with her)! She is always patient and encouraging. When she sent me my spiritual cleansing baths on the first night I felt a change literally coming over my life. I can not explain but it was like the baths were talking to me. She is a great woman! My life will never be the same. I thank you so much Sister Angel Rose!
Amoi (Connecticut)
I have been to several readers in the past, and have never had something so ground shaking happen, as I did today. Sister Angel basically knew everything, without me saying a word. I gave her minimal information on what I wanted to concentrate on and she went from there. She could not of known the impact of her words on me. I hung up with her and cried for the first time in a long time. All the pressure and worry I'd been hiding from friends and family, she saw and even though I still feel sad, I feel relief. I can start to move on after not feeling like I could now. I cannot express enough how wonderful this woman is. She is a real healer, a real reader and god bless you for helping me. I will be forever grateful for you telling me what I needed to hear, not taking my money, which she could of done and didn't. You're kindness at its purest level. Thank you.
Rachel (Florida Keys)
I've been with ms.angel some years now she is def the best and there's noone quite better and trust I been thru them .ms.angel rose is who I trust and truthfully ..actually to truthful .its a shocker what she knows .well I'm up for another reading getting ready for the new year .and the best person to start it off right with reading and work done is angel Rose.   I'm blessed to know her
T. C. (Brooklyn, NY)
Sister angel rose was a blessing!! She took my case on an emergency basis (Emergency Return Lover Ritual) . Her directions were very simple and to the point. I followed them and saw results within a short time period. She was easy to reach via email  and answered any questions honestly and accurately . Don't waste your money with fakes  or ill intentioned advisors that have questionable methods .Sister angel rose  is  a woman of gods word . Her price is VERY reasonable for the miracles she performs . I look forward to working with her more in  the future.:). THANK YOU SO MUCH Mrs. Angel rose!!!!
Sharise (Denver, CO)
The reading that I received through Angel was the shake that I needed to get on track with my spiritual purpose. She helped me to understand my spiritual gifts as well as how important it is to trust in my abilities. Her warmth and genuineness comes through. Even though we're not in the same room, it is as if she's next to me having coffee and talking about my life's journey. She resonated with my soul and opened my mind to my helpers and guides. She was very accurate about my past and present encounters as well as my emotional states of being. I would recommend her to anyone who is open to having more spiritual guidance in their lives. I'm glad that a friend recommended her to me.
Ebony (Memphis, TN)
I have never given a testimonial like this before, but for any doubters, let me tell you Sister Angel Rose is the REAL DEAL! Her work, time and advice are invaluable.  I only wish I had found her sooner in my life!! I contacted Sister Angel Rose regarding a lost love.  I was pretty much a mess and willing to try anything to get this man back.  After my intial consultation with Sister Angel, I moved forward with the work she recommended. Even though she was very forthright by saying the chances of our reconcile were very slim, I felt I had to at least try and it was worth the cost for her services. She stayed with me every step of the way, any time I had a question or concern, she replied back to my emials usually within hours.  The work we did was to heal myself and not as focused on him, which now in retrospect, is exactly what I needed.
  I am happy to say at the beginning of this year, I have met someone else. Someone that is much more suited for me, meets 99% of the critia on "my list" (in the work, she asked me to create a list of the qualities of a man I would like to have in my life). I recently spoke to Sister Angel again on the phone to touch base and to see what spirits insight were on my new relationship.  13 days from the time I spoke to her, EVERYTHING she said came to pass regarding my new guy.  WHAT IS EVEN MORE AMAZING is that after I spoke to her a few weeks ago, I pulled out my notes from our first phone conversation last year, back then she told me about the man I am  currently seeing, practically describing him to a tee as well as the timing of when he would enter my life. For the first time in my life, I feel like I am a whole person, on my own (not needing a man) and am truly happy and grateful for everything life has to offer.  I whole heartedly believe that this is because of Sister Angel and the work we did.  She always knows best and I will be a life long client. Thank you Sister Angel!!
R.L. (Colombus, GA)
I have been working with Angel for the past three years. I took the life coaching and online classes and it helped me to change my life path by releasing the fears, going out and living my life. I left my job of 7 years and sold my home and did what I wanted to do travel. My career path allows me to be able to work and see the country. I am grateful for Angel's guidance on this path that I choose. I have also let go of people that where not for my best and highest good some family and friends by letting go I was able to forgive them. I have learned I must love me before I can love another.
I was able to do this though manifestation that Angel taught me through her classes and coaching. I would do this for 30 days then I released it to the universe. Not even realizing it my intentions started to manifest in to my life... I started with small stuff and then moved on to big things that I needed to do to change my life.
Angel has also helped me to unfold my spiritual gifts through her classes and life coaching sessions.
Natasha (Texas)
I had my first reading with Angel today and was truly amazed at her ability to read me like a book. She knew so much about me and my life, I came to her for one situation and learned so much more about what is really going on in my life.  It was such a warm feeling that came over me during her reading and afterwards it made me sit back and really think about my purpose in life and what I really want. She tells it like it is and that's what I needed. She's truly a blessing and I'm so happy to have found her and she will always be apart of my life from today on.
PB (South Carolina)
I have to say I was skeptical after being scammed by two other fake voodoo workers. But after meeting sister Rose everything changed. She will not lie, steal, or cheat you out of your money. She will not continue to string you along trying to get more money out of you. She does real work. She answers all emails, phone calls and does not hide from you once she receives payment. She is the real deal. She helped get me and my girlfriend back together in the time frame expected. I cannot say enough good things about her! This isn't a fake testimonial written by her or one Of her friends. Sister Angel thank you so much for all you have done for me!
ES (Florida)
She read me to the T I'm so grateful my spirit led me to her she's 100% real and for the first time ever in my life I feel like everything will be ok.THANKS MS ANGEL!!!!!
Iesha (Allenhurst, GA)
I had my 2014 (New Year) reading a few days ago and am still in slack-jaw amazement.  Wow . Just Wow!!
She confirmed my suspisons.  She acknowledged my gifts.  Gifts I've ignored for far to long, due to a few of flying.  She understood my stance.  My reading was nothing short of awesome. She asked me a couple times was I still w/ her. I WAS THAT SHOCKED.
This is noty first reading from ms. Rose and most definitely not my last.   Her prediction(s)  manifesting never cease to amaze me.  The wealth of information she provides me w/is absolutely
PRICELESS.  I am MOST GRATEFUL for this godsend. She has mademy life better in ways words won't allow me to express.
Ms rose, I mean Angel lol.  Thank u for our truthfulness, kind words, wisdom and last but def not least, Your GIFT!! I. U have a lifelong client w/me and I look forward to talking with u soon. #GODBLESS
Lesley (Arlington, TX)
Thank you for your reading today, Sister Angel Rose...What you saw is what it is!...I appreciate your honesty with me about my situation and I know that you are sincere...I look forward to speaking with you again in the future....
KG (Cincinnati, OH)
Thank you so much Sister Angel Rose!!! You bring us back together. Now we're starting a new life. I got scam 3 times, then I saw you in Internet. I don't know why but I have the feelings the first time I saw your site that your the one that I've been looking for. And my feeling is right. Thank you for all the works. So don't doubt Sister Angel Rose she's real. I would be your Costumer forever. Again thank you so much.
Nancy (Victoria, British Colombia)
I grew up knowing about Root Workers and know how they are steeped in southern African American culture as well as southern Native American culture. Root Workers/Doctors as they were sometimes called, are a dying breed unfortunately so it was refreshing to know Sister Angel Rose is a REAL Root Worker. She is the real deal. The kind I remembered my parents and grandparents speaking of while growing up as a child. I have worked with her for over a year and she tells it like it is and that's what I like. If you have discovered Sister Angel then consider yourself blessed! Thank you Sister Angel!
Pam (Kansas City, MO)
I began working with Sister Angel about seven or eight months ago and she has helped to provide more perspective and clarity on my life's situations than the many "spiritual psychics" I have worked with over the past ten years combined.  Her direct, straightforward, no-nonsense yet gentle and compassionate nature coupled with her 100% accuracy about things you did not even share with her makes her the absolutely best spiritual counselor I have ever worked with.
In an effort to gain deeper perspective on my life- "who I am?" "what is my life's purpose", I had a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session with Sister Angel.  I must admit, I was a little skeptical at first, because I didn't know what to expect and quite frankly, I just didn't believe it would really work.  Well, let me tell you how wrong I was.  I learned things about me that I am not sure I would have without this session.  I encourage you, if you are truly open to exploring you on a deeper level you should contact Sister Angel to see if this is an option for you.  I am so glad I did it!
MJ (Orlando, FL)
I would just like to say a sincere thank you to you Sister Angel Rose and assure anyone who is doubting this wonderful lady's abilities to have faith in what Sister Angel can do for you. I was in a very dark place when i first had my reading with Sister Angel and i decided to go ahead with the work she suggested (though there was no pressure to do so) My case was a matter of the heart and not only did the work she do completely resolve the issues i was having around the man i loved (beyond my wildest dreams!) it also helped me to work on myself and had made me into a much calmer, happier person. I barely recognise myself or my partner from when i first made that call. After over a year of very difficult times before finding Sister Angel, I can finally say i am free of pain and worry and have the relationship i always dreamed of with the man i have loved for so long. I have no doubt that this is all due to the help of Sister Angel. I will most definitely contact Sister Angel again should i feel i need help.
Jenny (England, UK)
Sister Angel Rose is the best. There is nobody like her. I tried some many people and spent so much money but nothing ever worked out. She did my reading and told me everything that I needed to know. She is so kind and easy to communicate too. Through her and all the work she did for me, my boyfriend is back. Thank you so much Sister Rose.
L.W. (Oakland, CA)
I had a reading with Sister Angel everything was on target. She was honest with me and told me things that I didn't want to hear but I am grateful that I decided to have a reading with her. After working with her for a few weeks I feel joy and happiness all the time and no more sadness.
G (Milwaukee, WI)
I have been a client of Sister Angel for nearly a year. Throughout the past year I have experience many miracles and breakthroughs by way of the spiritual services of Sister Angel. I have found her readings to be very accurate and on point. She relay information as Spirit gives to her to share. She once told me that the reason that people get readings is so that they can shift events in their life if that’s what a person desire. Using her services through spiritual work has been very beneficial to me as she has worked to shift certain events in my life that has promoted self-happiness and overall personal growth to my highest and best good. I would recommend Sister Angel readings to anyone that is desiring real answers to real-life issues. She makes it clear that she doesn’t tell anyone what to do. She merely tell you what your situation is and give you the options you can use to correct what is wrong.
  In December 2012 I received a yearly forecast reading from Sister Angel that gave me an overview what to expect during the year of 2013. I must say that after analyzing the past 6 months of 2013, her annually reading for me has been amazing accurate. If the next 6 month are as accurate as the first 6 months then I am in for a very exciting and successful period in my life. Of course sometime things shift in life from time to time but having insight has provided to be very help navigating day to day activities.
If anyone out there is desiring to work with a truly good person that cares about the betterment of the mankind, who will be honest, straight-forward, and down to earth – give Sister Angel Rose a call. This lady is amazing.
Jerome (Memphis, TN)
I just had an amazing reading with Sister Angel Rose. She was able to tell me exactly what was going on in my current situation with my ex boyfriend. She was 100% honest in that she did noy tell me what I wanted to hear but what she was led to tell me in spirit. I understand now what I probably knew deep down all along. It qas confirmation. I can accept this person as he knows best how to love me and go along qith the ride or I can open myself up to love when it presents itself again. I detfinitely plan to get more readings done with Sister Rose in the future and also work to
Info Witheld
This is long overdue for a good reason. I've been having reading with Angel for some years now and I have no complaints regardless of what came out in the readings. Everything and I do mean everything that Spirit has said through Angel has come to pass, regardless of delayed timing or me trying to interfere to change things to stop it,  trust IT HAS HAPPENED !!!!!!!! There aren't many people that are honest to you when it comes to things especially psychic and spiritual work, but Angel is. She isn't about money, its about helping a person get to where they are suppose to be in life.
The things (person) I thought that I wanted, I ended up seeing and experiencing that it wasn't what I needed in my life and come to find out I don't want that that person and his true life. A real relationship doesnt involve lying, living secret double lives, no trust, worry, living a lie & guilt trips. Angel told me (warned me, but I was so head strong & in love and in a way wanted to prove something) this a long time ago but I found out for myself, the hard and smart way (it could have been worse). The work Angel did for me worked but I didn't want the situation and person anymore, which she said was going to happen. Angel did warn me, you can change a situation, but you cant change who a person really is. Im here telling you, that is sooooooo true. We all know when a situation isnt for us and for some people in it for the wrong reasons, but because of our pride, ego, stubborn, selfishness, public image or even for revenge motives we try to make it work and end up in bigger
  messes, blocking things from our lives that we are suppose to have and doing more damage to ourselves that effect our lives in the present and future.
It was really hard to let good because I let go of my hopes and felt disappointment and failure but it had to be done for me to get to where Im suppose to be in this life. Its not as diffucult because Angel and Spirit have never misguided or lied to me, so I know I have some great things approaching long as I keep my focus where it needs to be and dont do a backwards turnaround and fall back into a certain person's traps & tricks.
Spirit told me I could either stay on the same path with chaos, negativity and him which is only going to end worse or leave the situation and get on my path that I was blocking and live my life with the happiness and fullied life im suppose to have. I trust Angel and Spirit because they have ALWAYS been honest. Since I have fully listened and taken Angel and Spirits words, advice and forseeing, things are so so much better. No worrying and no stress. I'm happy.  My life is changing before my eyes and my path I'm suppose to be on is clearer and I'm on it.
Angel and Spirit have been a God sent for me and I know others. I appreciate everything because I know she doesn't have to do it. Thank you, Angel
V (Georgia)
WOW, is all I can say! Sister Rose reading made me personally want to tell the world how amazing she is. Her general reading is more in depth than anything I have heard. She was so on point with her readings it shocked me. I wanted to doubt some things she said but did not have to because I knew that she knew the truth. She is not one of those scary readers, she is one of those directional readers that lets you know where you are headed and if you are on the right path. She is awesome.
K.K. (Columbia, SC)
I just want to say my reading was so amazing. Not only did Sister Angel Rose tell me things no one would know but she also told me exactly what I was going thru and only I would know that. I have to say thank you because of her I see everything clearly.......I am still blown away by my reading.
M.B. (Philadelphia, PA)
I just had an amazing reading with Sister Angel Rose. She was able to tell me exactly what was going on in my current situation with my ex boyfriend. She was 100% honest in that she did noy tell me what I wanted to hear but what she was led to tell me in spirit. I understand now what I probably knew deep down all along. It qas confirmation. I can accept this person as he knows best how to love me and go along qith the ride or I can open myself up to love when it presents itself again. I detfinitely plan to get more readings done with Sister Rose in the future and also work to
I have been a client for over 3 years and I have to say that Sister Angel Rose's readings are incredibly accurate. I am so blessed to have her guidance and advice available to me. I challenge all skeptics to try her services and you will be amazed. Not only is she accurate, she is vey compassionate.If you are seeking truthfull answers, I encourage you to have a reading with Sister Angel Rose.
Alicia (Clinton Township, Michigan)
I want to say my reading was awsome Miss Rose was very informative, and accurate with everything she said, I like that she didn't sugar coat anything, she was straight up, I would recommend her to my friends and family, and yes I'll be calling again for another reading.
D.L. (Marion, Arkansas)
My reading with Sister Angel Rose was outstanding! She is truly a gentle soul! I recommend to everyone!
Debi (Racine, WI)
I bought sis angel emergency love spell an she came back an was acting better in 5 days. Thank you thank you!!!!
B.W. (Douglas, WY)
Just would like to thank you again for honest and accurate reading.Will contact you again next year.Thank you so much
Maja (Jacksonville, FL)
Had a reading it was so amazing & accurate. She explained my situation from A-Z she told me stuff only I knew & it shocked me :) if your going to get a reading don't think twice do it! Trust me you will not regret it thanks Sister Rose :)
Ismael (San Jose, CA)
I been coming to Sister Angel for bout two years now and the reason I keep coming is that her readings are so true. When she tell you something you can be sure it will come to pass. Everything is in God's time she say and she talk to God's spirit to help people like me.  About two month ago I had her to do some legal work for me. I really thought it was useless since my attorney kept saying that I was gonna get some time for this one. The funny thing is Sister Angel had already told me to be careful before I even got in trouble, but I didn't listen but I guess thats just human nature for us to wanna do what we wanna do no matter what. Anyway Sister Angel took my legal case and got me little to no sentence with a little slap on the writs like they say! I HAVE NO JAIL TIME. I'm so happy I had to come say something good about this lady because she is defintely the best there is. I know this had to be her spirit working for me because I was supposed to get years according to my lawyer but it all worked out for my favour. Even the judge seemed confused by this fact.  I can say that next time she tells me to stay my behind away from trouble I will do it. You can't ignore words when they come from Sister Angel!
Mike L. (Leesburg, FL)
I am speechless!! This is the first time I have everhad a psychic reading with Sister Angel Rose, she was on point about everthing she told me about my life, Sister Angel Rose told me that I had a spiritual gift that I didn't know I even had! Out of all the psychics I have had readings with in the past, Sister Angel Rose told me the truth about what was really going on in my life. I am very pleased with my reading. I am definitely going to get another reading and some spiritual work done. Thank you Sister Angel Rose for that powerful reading. May God bless you.
K.S. (Goldsboro, N.C.)
When I came in contact with Sister Rose I was heartbroken, confused, and didn't know which way to turn. Prior to calling Sister Rose for a reading concerning problems in several areas in my life [but specifically for the return of  a wife] I was skeptical was there really someone out there who could help me because I had talked to and paid money to several scammer posing as spellcasters. I was just about to give up on things getting better for me and then I read about Sister Rose on someone internet blog. I did hours of research reading everything that I could find on Sister Rose because I couldn't afford to be made a fool out of again by someone out to scam money. I must say everything that I read on Sister Rose was 100% positive. I made the leap of faith and call Sister Rose for a reading and within 10 seconds into the reading I knew that she was the real deal. Sister Rose told me things about myself and my situations that she wouldn't have known unless she was real. After listening to all that Sister Rose  had to say I was anxious for her to start my case. Within 1 - 2 days of Sister Rose taking and starting my case everything fell in place for me and has been going in a positive direction every since. [ with wife returning]. I appericate Sister Rose being a woman of her word, who speaks the truth whether you want to hear it out not, and for just being down to earth. Anyone desiring real help with life problems please give Sister Rose a  call and I promise you will not be disappointed.
Sister Rose thank you from my whole heart for all the help you've given me in helping putting my broken life back together.
J (West Point, MS)
Prior to coming across sister angel rose I had looked at several casters and had a few spells put in place to get my partner back who had left me and gone back to his ex partner. I felt like nothing had worked and I was desperate for the situation to be rectified between us and for myself to feel better. I was at such a low I was crying every day and struggling to manage my daily responsibilities. In essence I was heart broken, distraught, confused and angry.
Sister angel rose started working on a full release of everything that was out there (along with sweetening him) and affecting his thoughts  and within a week he returned. He said he had made a mistake and he was sorry for hurting me. I took him back immediately however I have struggled with dealing with thoughts of him and  the ex. Throughout our time working together sister angel rose has shown empathy, compassion and been very very frank when communicating with me. I appreciate her honesty and her work ethic is second to none. She taught me about the importance of positive thoughts and positive energy necessary to empower myself alongside supporting me to get what I want from my life and the relationship and any potential future relationship. Sister angel rose is an absolute godsend and I would encourage anyone who wants real results and to improve their life to consider working with her.
Kia (London, UK)
All I can say is..WOW..Sister Angel Rose was through with my reading, and just like everyone says, she tells the truth, and she started off telling me something that I didn't think she would know. She told me things that only I would know and she recommend some things in order to make my life easier..and I appreciate it that as well as gaining some insighful advice that I will soon follow. I also was amazed on her ability to focus on matters that one would never really pay attention. All I can say is Sister Angel Rose is the real deal and she has made me a beliver and a client for life! Thank you Sister Angel Rose!
Becky (Whittier, CA)
I like Sister Angel Rose because she told me the truth, i didn't want to hear it because i knew she was right about my ex. She was right on about her and all her issues that she was facing but i was hoping we could still be together. Sister Angel said "i don't like this woman for you she will cause you great pain there is someone that you will meet in a few weeks" well i met a girl name Jennifer just like she said, i will see how that develops. Sister Angel has gain a client for life, i really like her.
Joe M (San Antonio, Texas)
All that I can say is AMAXING! Sister Angel Rose was on point with everything she said. I was highly impressed and felt an immediate connection to her. She was easy to talk to and I was very well pleased with my reading. I've had readings done before and none of them can ever match the accuracy and depth.
P. E. (Kansas City, Kansas)
I am truly speechless! I don't even know how to begin to thank you Sister Angel Rose (for the Emergency Spell to Return a Lover)...
You are a gift from God & a true miracle worker. Thank you for your patience, understanding & awesome love.
I would never ask anyone else for help since I found a true angel
My sisters & brothers, do not be fooled by those scam artists out there ( for you have found a true master :)
God bless you & everything you do Sister
Hani (Ontario, Canada)
I would like to say Sister Angel Rose gave me a reading a while ago on a particular matter and it may not come then and there but it came to pass. Her readings are on point and she is so amazing and tells the truth. I have had several readings and I am so impressed by each and everyone of them. She is a great woman and can help you with anything. No job is too difficult.
Que (Glendale, AZ)
I was in an on and off relationship for about 3 years. Things were either great, or really bad, but most of the times really really bad. It came to a point where I couldn't handle it anymore and I was doing everything I could to make the relationship work when quite honestly he was doing me more wrong than good. When a friend of mine told me about Sister Angel  Rose, I checked out her website right away and scheduled a reading. I was amazed by the accuracy of her reading. It's like she was watching my everyday life. She was real and honest with me before we even started the spiritual work. She told me exactly what I should expect and should not expect. Throughout the weeks as I went through all the rituals, my boyfriend did come back to me as I wanted. It took time, but he did. I gained so much emotional stability that I decided myself to walk away from the relationship because I knew deep inside of me, my boyfriend wouldn't be able to give me what I wanted from a man. I didn't believe I could move past that love, but the emotional strength I gained was a key element in helping me move on. Although I have not met "The One" yet, I am grateful to Angel for helping me open my eyes and realized that I deserved much more than I was settling for. She helped me get rid of all negativity around me and gained the positive energy I need to enjoy life and patiently wait for real, stable, and committed love.
L. M. (Queens Village, NY)
I just want to say that Sister Angel Rose is the real deal! I had a very complicated case. I had a reading with Sister Angel Rose and she immediately picked up on what was going on in my love situation. She was very straight forward and up front with me about my situation. She never sugar coated anything she said and made it very clear that my love situation was extremely complicated and would take a lot of work. She took my case. I started the work thinking this is a waste of time and maybe I should move on with my life. Because of that thinking process, my work looked as though it wasn't moving forward. I quickly changed my thinking process and start acting on positive energy and getting more involved in what Sister Angel Rose told me to do. A month and a half into the work, my ex contacted me. We had not talked in 6 months and  my ex wasn't responding to calls, texts or letters that I had written. I was amazed when he finally reached out to me. Shortly after us  talking, we begin seeing each other again and now I can't keep him off of me! All I got to say is THANKS SISTER ANGEL ROSE FOR EVERYTHING!
D. T. (Chicago, IL)
I had to write in and provide this testimonial of the great work that Angel has provided me with over some time. Last year (2011), I asked for her help on a situation with my ex-boyfriend, and she asked me was I be careful what I ask for with this man. So she performed an emergency spell for me, and low and behold, he and I got back together within a few weeks; however, I then walked away from the situation, bc he really wasn't the man I thought I wanted in my life. Angel was right...she gave me exactly what I asked for, which was to bring me and my love back together.
Natalie C. (NC)
Best reading I ever had because she gave me information about my life path and what my next phase would be like and areas to focus my attention upon. She is very much blessed by the Creator with her gift and she was very matter of fact and honest even with information I didn't want to hear, but needed to hear. I am forever grateful and a life long believer and client.
P. W. (Hoboken, NJ)
A couple of years ago, a friend called me and said I met this lady and she told me that x,y,& Z would take place or it did take place. He said everything she said was right on. I called him a liar and I was totally in disbelief and I asked him for Angel Rose number, I contacted her and asked a few questions prior to finally getting a reading done. Angel could tell I was in disbelief about her on the phone. When I got my reading all she asked me was my name and DOB. I told her nothing else about me, and from that point "ANGEL" told me about myself as if we knew one another. I wrote down everything she said would come to pass or did, or advice given. Since that phone call I've checked off everything she told me and it was all true and very helpful/insightful. Angel made me a believer. Since I've told other people about her and they all have positive reviews/comments about Angel. Thanks Angel!
Nikki W. (NC)
To put it simply, Angel was wonderful.  My life was in shambles and my situation was awful, my boyfriend of 5 years had broken up with me because of repeated mistakes I'd made and we were still living together making the whole situation more difficult for me emotionally - I was at the end of my rope.  Angel was so patient, always answering my endless questions and reminding me to be positive - I'm sure I must have been one of her more frustrating clients! With her help, I got my boyfriend back and although the spirits were unable to put us back on our original plan of moving to our next location together at the end of our current lease, I am thankful he has opened up to giving me another chance starting from the beginning, something he wouldn't even consider before the work with Angel.  Angel was also very accommodating with requirements that came from living in another country and different time zone.  I know it's difficult to put complete faith in something that only seems real in movies and quite honestly there were many times when I was sure it wouldn't work, but here I am today being given a chance by the love of my life that I so desperately wanted.  It may have not been exactly everything I wanted, but I still know that what I did get is a miracle and my love back.  Thank you Angel, you are the glue that was able to help put together my broken heart.
Christine (Melbourne, Australia)
A week ago I received a life changing reading from Ms. Angel. She new my situation she new my fears, and wants.
Ms. Angel is God sent. I am so happy to have found her. The wheels are turning and I have a better attitude already. I just want to say you have a life long client I thank you so much.
K.B. (Akron, OH)
The emergency spells work like a charm! I bought one to return my lover and another to give a "boost" to the relationship a few months later. Both times I saw results within a week or two and, boy, were they drastic! Thanks, Angel!
Val F. (NY, NY)
Sister Angel Rose is a gem.  I think I have finally found my spiritual adviser. The best and most accurate reading I have ever had. I thank you so much. May God Bless You with Greatness.
Sharon L. (CA)
Best reading I've EVER had. Thank you Ms. Angel Rose for being so up front and honest. You made me realize that most of my issues are in my head. Now that I know I can make things happen for me, I can now take control of my life. I will definitely call you again very soon to schedule another reading!
Michelle (Denver, CO)
I had a reading done by Ms.Angel Rose she was very on point and honest durning the reading. I didnt have to inform her on anything she immediately began telling me things that only I or God would know. I have dealt with at least over 20 something claim to be spiritual workers and psychics and I have received no results. This lady is the "TRUTH" and her gifts are definitely from God to help others. My life after speaking to her will never be the same. God said that he made us in his image and that he will send his people to do his work in his absence and Ms Angel Rose is proof. My advice to the people out there is always be incourage and never give up even if you cant see it, speak it as if it already were. Now I look forward to growth and change. Thank you for your time and outstanding feedback Ms.Angel Rose. The Miracle Woman!
Y.S. (Syracuse, NY)
Thank God for Angel!!! Before meeting angel i was imbalanced restless depressed and broke. I was amazed at the accuracy of her reading. Everything she said was true it was like i had been knowing her all my life. I began spiritual work for balance and money and within weeks i began training on my job and was given a raise. I then did spiritual work to bring about long term stable love life and its only been few weeks i am now engaged!!! Angel thank you so much and can't wait to do future work with you. Anyone that wants change or needs a miracle are definitely in the right place. Angel will always be there when you have questions and will help guide you where you need to be. She will always tell you the truth and that's priceless.
M. D. (Lagrange, GA)
I was very happy after having a reading with Sister Angel Rose. I was not surprised by the things she had to say about my life, but she gave me hope that my life would improve. Thanks Sister Rose for giving me hope for a new and better me. I am looking forward to smiling and being happy again. God Bless
Tameka (Houston, TX)
Iwould like to say if there is anyone who is having doubts about Ms. Angel, you don't need to doubt her. Ms. Angel is the real deal, and that's the honest GOD truth. I have been to and talked with different so-called helpers and all they did for me was lying to me, telling me what I wanted to hear and taking my money, but not Ms. Angel. Ms. Angel told me in one of my reading that she know what she told me was something that I didn’t want to hear, but she told me any ways. Trust me, Ms. Angel will never sugar coat anything. She’s going to tell you like she see it, whether you want to hear it or not and that’s something that I love about her. Ms. Angel keeps it real at all times. I’m telling you, she told me some thing that all these other so called workers/helper never told me, and when she told me, I was shocked because I never told anybody and I felt something, but I kept it to myself, but when she told me, my mouth flew open and I started tearing. I use to cry all of the time because I needed some real help, and I believe that GOD sent me an angel and Ms. Angel is her name. I would not lie to anyone who may be reading this testimony and I don't like anyone lying to me. If you are in need of some serious real help, you need to contact Ms. Angel right now. Everything that she has told me is so true, and I sit back and I say to myself, Ms. Angel was right once again. I know that I’m going to finally be happy because I have Ms. Angel by my side.
Monique (HP, NC)
I went through a cleaning with Sister Angel and me legal issues.  Well something came up about the case after the cleansing and the other legal work.  However no weapon formed aganist me shall prosper it may rise up but it did not prosper.  I found favor with every situation I walked through and I thank God for Sister Angel and her spirtual family.  I feel if I had not gone through it I would not be sending this information.  I still have a hurdle to cross, but I feel it will work out.  "Sister Angel Rose" the REAL DEAL.
R.B. (AL)
Angel Sister Rose, is just that! the real deal! she is so right on in her readings I dont have to say a word, she explains about the spiritual side of my matters and issues them correctly, Her spirit is full of truth, that iam still blown away! I have gone to so many in the past, to ashame to mention, and all they took was my money!
I trust Sister Angel Rose and have been seeking her help for a very long time now!
btw, her rituals do work, so if your having any work done, please, be serious about it! If you are searching for the truth, dont go any further, you will find them with Sister Angel Rose!
A.S. (MI)
Thank you for the absolutely amazing reading Angel . It has helped me understand many things about the man I love and I am sure that with the help of your spiritual work I will be able to secure his heart.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart !
Maria (Erie)
March 2011 made a full year that I’ve been consulting with Sister Angel.   As I sit back and reflect on all of the wonderful changes and progression that has taken place in my life, as a result of her spiritual guidance, my eyes fill with tears of joy and amazement.  I have countless stories to tell and so much excitement to share!
Before I met Sister Angel my life was filled with darkness and negative energy that prevented me from flourishing the way I should have.  To make matters worse, in 2008 I was downsized from a company where I worked for nine years.  And to keep from losing my home, I took on a boarder who unintentionally added to the dark negative energy that surrounded me and my home.
To help clear the blockages in my life, Sister Angel prescribed her Road-Opening and Cleansing work.  As soon as she began the work in March 2010, my life started to change.  By the middle of April 2010, I started seeing dramatic results.  A flood-gate opened and contract job opportunities started pouring in!   The opportunities were coming so fast and aggressive, I couldn’t keep up!   Before working with Sister Angel, every door I knocked on slammed shut in my face.  Four weeks after her work began, I started getting job interviews  every week.
It is now 11 months later and my progression is still increasing!   My roads are still wide open and I feel magnificent!  I have been consistently employed and blessed with contract positions since May 2010. Now that the financial industry and the economy are making a come-back, the employment agents are tracking me down like bounty hunters!  I am now in a better position to start negotiating what I want, and making the full time salary I deserve, instead of just taking what I can get.  I would love to give a testimonial about my love life, marriage, and children but I am now confident that it will happen for me sooner than later.
I truly feel honored and blessed to have Sister Angel’s guidance and prayers in my life.  She has helped me to see and understand life beyond the surface.  As a result, my own abilities began to crystallize and become stronger.…just as Sister Angel said it would happen.  With some help from an Angel, I have improved spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially.  Thank you Sister Angel!!
Sharon (New York, NY)
Y. K. (Greenville, NC)
Ms. Angel, I went to three other pyschics before you and got completely ripped off! I am so glad that I called you actually got the truth right from the beginning. I knew just from talking to you that you actually could help me. Thanks to you I am now in a loving marriage and am expecting our second child. Thank you so much for all that you do.
Lynell K. (Missouri)
A miracle worker she is. Sister Rose is the best reader I know. I didn't have to tell her about my situation, she told me. She even knew stuff about my past that I hadn't told anyone. She actually knew my passed on grandmothers name who had a message for me. The message helped me to get things on track in my life and now I am able to move forward. I will be a life long client. If you have doubts about her, all you need is one reading to see she is the real thing.
C. C. (Elgin, IL)
Words can not describe how grateful I am to Angel for helping me put my family back together. I was in a desperate situation prior to talking with her. My husband and I were on the verge of separation and divorce. Angel helped to put my family back to together and bring much needed peace to my home.
Jeanna B. (Ontario, Canada)
Angel did a cleansing and a road opening for my finances. Two weeks later I got promoted on my job and a month later I got a court settlement for $38,159.00 on a long standing court case! I was so blocked before. She helped me to release the negative energy associated with my past. She told me that in order to keep blessings coming you have to periodically spiritually cleanse yourself and open your roads up. She was right and three months later after getting a second cleansing I won $11,000.00 on scratch off tickets. Now I get a road opener from her every three months to keep my blessings and good luck coming. I know a lot of people claim she is good at what she does and they are right. I've never met another psychic or root worker like her.
P. A. S. (New York)
Sometimes even when you don't want to hear the truth, you need to hear the truth. I can say that Angel will always give you the truth. Although I didn't want to hear it and thought she was completely wrong, I have to say that EVERYTHING that Angel told me was true. I was so impressed that I had to write a testimonial to say how accurate she was. Now I am working to do spiritual work with her to fix this situation. I only wished that I had listened to her in the beginning because things wouldn't have gone as far as they did. She is truly the best and I am already seeing results from my spiritual work that only stated a week and a half ago.
Barbie H. (Huntsville, AL)
I was in total despair when I found Angel. My life was going terrible and I didn't know if I was coming or going. I had just gone through a rough divorce, wasn't making enough money to sustain me and my children, and my 17 year old son had just gone to jail for the first time. When I talked to her, I immediately found a sense of peace. She was very honest with me and I could feel that. She also told me that everything would be okay. After my work began, things began to change. My bills were all caught up, the relationship I was in became much stronger, I was never FLAT broke, and my son was released from jail earlier than we expected!! I also completely got over the failed marriage and began to move on. And, received a better position at my job which will cause an $800 per month increase!! I felt completely comfortable with the work that was being done because I was always encouraged to pray and read from my bible. Angel is the BEST!!!!
Lin A. (Riverdale, GA)
Thank you thank you thank you is all I can say.  After working with Sister Rose my court case worked out in my favor and I must say that it was looking very bad. She helped me to be able to get past this awful period in my life and move forward without it following me forever.
Carlos S. (San Francisco, CA)
Ms. rose your reading was right on, I didn't want to listen because I was so much in love, but I'm glad I did. You were so right. I did start a new life and even though I'm not invovled with someone seriously, Im dating many potential mates lol.  I'm happier and stress free.  Thanks so much and I will be in touch.
Tracy E. (Milwaukee, WI)
I own a business within the transportation industry. I had lost several of my contracts to competitors for what seemed like no reason at all. Our profits had dropped significantly and we were considering downsizing. Through Angel's help, my business profits have now more than DOUBLED from last year and I often have more business than I can handle. We are planning on expanding! All I can say is that she truly is an angel!
Barry G. (Beaumont, TX)
Sister Angel's reading was right on! She told me that I would meet my special someone at a religious function with the next month and I did! We are now engaged to be married!
Laura S. (Great Falls, MT)
When I came to Angel's site, I wondered if it was for real or just another fake. I have had readings by many fake psychics and rootworkers. But for some reason when I looked at her picture and read her page I felt that she would be able to help me. I had been dealing with terrible luck and financial problems for years. With our first reading I knew she was the real thing. She helped me to turn my life around and begin to learn how to change things I didn't like into things I did like. I feel like a new person and it is all thanks to Sister Angel Rose. Praise God
Betty Jean T. (Butler, AL)
Angel is a miracle worker! That is all there is to it! I am so grateful to her for her help with my court case.
Jonathan C. (Washington, DC)
I have been lonely for so many years. Sister Angel Rose helped me to begin to draw new love into my life. I am no longer lonely and have many different options for dating. I know it was her work that has made this happen.
Carolyn L. (Chicago, IL)
Great reading that was right on. I will definitely be using you again!
William D. (St. Paul, MN)
Angel brought me my man back after he left our home. Now he is back with our family. I am forever in Angel's debt. Thank God for her.
W. O. (Baltimore, MD)
I was so confused before coming to Angel. She has helped me to gain a better understanding of how I was sabotaging my life. After working with her things began to change and now my life is easier and my load so much lighter.
Another man and my own stupidity had made me a lonely old man. Through Angel's help I am no longer alone. I have love again and its even better this time because we both want it! Thanks so much Angel.
Anthony P. (Newark, NJ)
This was by far the BEST spiritual reading I have ever had! Sister Angel was able to tell me all about my problem and give me tangible solutions that worked! Praise God for sending this "Angel" into my life!
Janie C. (Carthage, MS)
This is directed to anyone who desires to order products and/ or services with Ms. Angel Rose.  First, I must say that Angel is a very dear person, she is ALWAYS there for her clients, she is very professional, very polite, she gets straight to the point of things and her recommendations are always in the cleints best interest, she is truly here to help you so, if you are seeking honest, professional work in a spiritual manner you have found the right one, I assure you that you will not be disappointed.  When I first met Angel, my life was cold,  dark , negativity was all around me, nothing but horrible things were occuring in my life, my mind was all messed up...well I had a spiritual reading with Angel, she told me exactly what happened {how I got into that state} and what was needed to remove those things through her work I was able to get my life back on track.  I did what Angel told me to do and people she is magnificent... because my life has changed..... I am BETTER, my mind is clear, I can rest comfortably, bad habits exist no more, a tremendous weight has been lifted off me and now I live  in peace, joy, happiness and love  thats not all.....last week I began some MONEY ATTRACTION/ DRAWING work along with Angel on a Thursday night . Well, on the first day after my money bath {Friday} Fed Ex delivered a check to me from my former employer, the following Monday I won a double pay out on a scratch off lottery ticket and on today, Thursday a week after my money work, I got a call stating that I have a $10,000 check in with my name on it { NO MESS THIS IS FOR REAL } !!!!!!  So again, to anyone who is considering Sister Angel Rose's work do not hesitate on giving her a try.....she is truly as her name states an Angel.
Lillie B. (Louisiana)
At first I was hesitant about having a psychic reading and being involved in spiritual work due to all the controversy surrounding the psychic hotlines and Ms. Cleo, but Sister Angel Rose truly changed my mind! She is actually the REAL THING! First of all she was an actual real person who really took the time to look at my problems and make suggestions that would most benefit me and my family. Not only that, she was able to tell me EXACTLY what my love interest was going to say about me and how he felt about me. With the help of Sister Angel Rose, I am now engaged to be married and living in a new and beautiful home! She does REAL work that helps people to get the things that they NEED and WANT!
Monica B. (Winter Haven, FL)
Sister Angel, I just want to say thank you so much! Working with you has helped to change my life! At first it seemed like I would never make my dream of playing professional football, but with your help things really started to fall into place. Now I have been invited to an NFL training camp for this coming season! Prior to working with you I didn't think this was possible due to all my injuries and the negative attitude of many people around me. Again, I just want to say thank you and that I'll never forget what you did!
Michael D. (Loredo, TX)
For many years I have been carrying around something very negative. Everything in my life seemed to be going wrong. I was being layed off from my jobs, I couldn't hold my family together, and I didn't have any desire to move forward in life. This was not like me at all, so I knew something was truly wrong. Sister Angel Rose helped me to get my life back on track. She told me exactly what was wrong and she knew how to fix it! She gave me back my life that was taken away from me and for that I am truly thankful.  Sister Angel was always available to help me and answer my questions. When I had moments of crisis, she helped me through that to. I can truly say that she is a woman of God and is very gifted. I am grateful to her and encourage other to bette their lives through her help.
Shawn R. (Albany, GA)
Thanks so much Angel for your guidance and sweet caring spirit. Even we who are gifted occasionally get stuck and need a neutral perspective to gain more clarity.  I will continue to call you whenever I get derailed.  God's blessings on you!
Linda W. (San Diego, CA)
I called Ms. Angel at a point in my life where I wanted to die.  I had just had a baby, bad break up with his dad, and  severe mental blockage.  Things just weren't going my way.  When I called her, I told her I couldn't believe she was a real person, she sounded real!!  I initially called her to get back with him, but she opened my eyes and pretty much told me there is something better for me, to leave him alone, and focus on me and my 2 boys.  I don't know what she did or is still doing, but I see things in a different light.  I didn't feel scared when I hung up the phone! I actually felt good.  She saw exactly what I needed and helped me.  I feel happy and focused on what I need to do for us. I'm now back in school (college), I left the good for nothing man alone and met somebody new and I'm doing 100% better! I also just had an appointment with a mortgage broker for a house.  Whenever I email Sister Angel or call, shes's right there. Angel is truly gifted, and talented.  PLEASE don't have any doubts she is the real deal!!!  Thank you Angel.  God Bless You.
Valerie B. (Raleigh, N.C.)
It seemed like Angel knew right where to attack my problem. She knew what I needed and how to get me the results (answers) I was looking for and thats exactly what I got to.
Makaveli (Houston, TX)
I must admit that I have had my share of so called readings, but when I sat down and listened to Angel, it was an experience I won't forget. Thou she hasn't started on my work I need for her to do yet, I still feel like my love will be back. The peace I felt while talking to her, let me know she'll be in my life 4 a long time. Thank you so much.
Donna C. (Spring Hill, FL)
Ms Angel thank you so very much for helping to reunite me and my girlfriend! I didn't think we would ever be able to work things out with all that had happened between us. But you wouldn't let me be negative and you really did get her back for me! Thank you again so much! We are happy and planning a vacation to celebrate our engagement. Without you and your help, I know this would not have been possible.
T.  J. (Lincoln, NE)
What can I say? Angel Rose's work is life changing. She is the real deal.
On top of that, unlike many other "psychics" she is there for you whenever you need her for no additional charge. If you have a question or if you need advice she's a friend. I'm actually hesistant to promote her to others because I know it would mean that she would have less time for my problems!! If you don't take up this opportunity it's definitely your loss and my gain! The change in my life? I was unemployed, broken hearted and depressed. I did a spiritual cleansing and some spiritual work and I am now employed at my DREAM JOB! I'm still single, but dating and now I am loving it! And I now see life differently, I have so much fun now! I am a better person! Thank you Angel for using your gift to bless me and others.
Latonya P. (Atlanta, GA)
Hi Angel,  I just had to write and say Thank you,  Thank you, Thank you!  When I first made contact with you I got a sense of a connection with you the 1st time we spoke. You have helped me get my ex-boyfriend’s lover (who lived behind me) to move away from me, in fact she's moving to Alaska, WOW! the advise you gave me has truly manifested it's self and all I can say to anyone who reads this letter It's nothing FAKE about "Sister Angel Rose." You are the real deal and you do just what you say. I thank GOD I found your website and took a chance on you. You have been a listening ear and a GREAT ADVISOR to me. There are other things going on with me that you are helping me with and once they are complete you will hear from me again. You helped me keep my sanity, you read my life like a book....What else can I say other than you are A GOD SENT ANGEL!!!...........God Bless and continue with the Gifts that have been given unto you.
Ms Angel Rose, Thank You isn't enough, for your services. I really and truly want to say that you are a women of your word. Thou at first I was unsure, but I am glad I followed my heart. You have been not just my spiritual advisor, you have also became my friend. For anyone who is a first timer, have no fear because your answer is here. I came to Angel very much confused, and broken hearted. And what I thought I wanted, wasn't what I needed. Angel opened a whole new road that I never ever thought that I could take. I feel brand new. I have a new home, and I have a new man in my life that wants not just me but my kids as well, he's already calls me his wife. Angel I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have kept it real from day one, you are always there when I need you, you answer my emails, with that all being said, to any body who reads this, SHE IS WORTH IT, TRUST ME YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!!!
D.C. ( FL)
Amazing is what I can say about Angel.  When I called her I was desperate and off balance.  My boyfriend had just left me and moved out of the state because of my erratic behavior and I was feeling so imbalance.  After speaking with Angel she gave me hope and began to do some work for me to bring my boyfriend back and to bring balance in my life.  Soon my ex boyfriend began calling me once a week and has now expressed that he is returning to me.  I am so happy happy and feel much better about myself and my life. Angel give the best advice and is alway available with her calm presences to guide you.  I can't wait until the next step in my life and will be contacting her again for more help in other areas.  Thank You Angel for all that you have done. 
F.M. (Tallahassee FL)
Sister Angel Rose is amazing! I got a reading from her today and was amazed at everything she said! SHE IS THE REAL DEAL!! The situations and things she spoke of were so specific she couldn't have been more correct. I will definitely be telling people about her and I am sure I will be doing more business with her. There is no other way to say it she is truly gifted, and I am so thankful that I found her, because she truly has given me piece of mind. Thank you so much Sister Angel!
A (Grand Rapids, MI)
Sister Angel Rose at and, ,  and specializes in: christian magic, hoodoo, hoodoo root work,  rootwork and voodoo spiritual advisement and services.  Sister angel rose, being a rootworker deals in spirituality and  spiritualism of all forms including hoodoo rootwork and conjure related to christianity and christian rootwork. Sister Angel Rose is a spiritualist. She is a world renown and famous psychic and root doctor from Mississippi who know lives in Florida. Through the use of hoodoo, and root work, as a root doctor Sister Angel Rose uses Christian magic to make miracles occur for her clients and Sister Angel Rose is known for being the most powerful root doctor and most powerful voodoo doctor and the most accurate psychic reader. Sister Angel brings back lost loves and returns lovers in difficult situations. Through the use of Christian hoodoo and voodoo Sister Angel Rose as a Root Doctor helps thousands of people.   This type of christian magic often associated with the  occult includes services such as pyschic phone readings and spiritual phone readings. Sister Angel Rose, has a deep understanding of what other occultist and  hoodoo rootworkings in general. Sister Angel Rose is also an initiate of Voodoo, also known as voudo, voodu, and voudun. Many people question how rootwork , tarot, and  tarot spells are intertwined. Sister Angel Rose's hoodoo rootwork includes working with  amulets and talisman, mojo bags, nations sacks and magical spell work. Sister Angel must first complete a through tarot reading or African shell reading to determine what each individual clients needs are. Through the use of  hoodoo talismans, rootwork mojo bags and sexual magic, Sister Angel can assist you in making your desires a reality. She is an expert in casting magic love spells, sexual magic, sexual rootwork and hoodoo love conjure of all types. Although hoodoo spells, spiritual work and  spiritual rootwork are within her roots she is also well versed at many different types of magical practices and proves this through her diverse types of  psychic readings and psychic practicies. also includes Free Spells and Conjure along with Intuitive counseling and voodoo magic/magick options. Although psychic tarot readings and spiritual readings are standard during a spiritual consultation whith Sister Angel, it is also important to remember that she also consults the Shells as a Divination  source.  Sister Angel Rose makes no guarantees for spiritual activities/ prayers completed on behalf of clients. Sister Angel Rose sells hoodoo oils, hoodoo colognes, hoodoo candles, ritual candles, hoodoo baths, hoodoo floor wash, lucky money, hoodoo luck oils, luck candles, money candles, hoodoo money, hoodoo love, hoodoo incense, hoodoo spell kits, hoodoo spells, hoodoo packages, hoodoo occult, hoodoo return love, hoodoo black magic, hoodoo dark magic, free hoodoo spells and more. Sister Angel Rose at has many items such as voodoo oils, voodoo colognes, voodoo candles, voodoo love magic, free voodoo spells, free consultation, voodoo money spells, voodoo luck spells, voodoo baths. Sister Angel Rose works with voodoo spirits such as papa legba, erzulie Freda, erzulie Dantor, Danballa, Erzulie La Sarine and many more voodoo and ancestral spirits to assist in a Christian way of bring about change in clients lives fast. also has magic oils, magic candles, magic baths, magic colognes, magical products, magic spirit products. Sister Angel Rose is a Christian Psychic who is a truthful root doctor and honest Psychic and honest root worker. She handles each case individually herself and is always avaialble to assist clients with thier individual needs. Vodun is utilized by Christians and is very misunderstood but through the use of hoodoo and vodoo my clients gain powerful miracles in thier lives.Sister Angel Rose is a Christian spiritualist. At the and and we specialize in hoodoo candles, hoodoo oils, hoodoo products, hoodoo powders, hoodoo colognes, hoodoo mojo sacks, mojo bags, and hoodoo baths, hoodoo voodoo, and emergency spells and hoodoo candles. The Miracle Utopia also has hoodoo spell kits and hoodoo ritual kits that are very powerful voodoo magic. Powerful free hoodoo magic spells are also offered along with free voodoo magic spells and free voodoo spells and free hoodoo spells. The Miracle Utopia prides itself in offering free hoodoo lessons as hoodoo root are what we are all about with our hoodoo. Being two Root workers from Mississippi with white magic and powerful black magic we feel that hoodoo and rootwork also known as root work and root worker is very important within African American magic and conjure. Many people have historically looked to hoodoo magic and voodoo magic for answers to life questions and solutions to life problems. Root work has always been important in black southern culture. Hoodoo is associated as being a form of Christian magic as it is practiced by Christian Root Doctors. The Miracle Utopia specializes in Hoodoo spell work and emergency voodoo spells and emergency spell casting. As spell casters, Root workers and conjure practitioners and spiritualists the owners of Miracle Utopia work to provide powerful magick to those who seek magic oils, magic candles, magic powders, magic baths and magic bath washes, and magic mojo bags, and also magic powders, and magic spell kits and lastly with magic spells. and the Miracle Utopia and as well as all bring powerful voodoo oils, voodoo products, voodoo candles and voodoo colognes and voodoo mojo bags and voodoo mojo sacks all allow customers to perform powerful love spell and powerful magic spells with little or no experience in magick. Voudo is also known as voudun and voudoo, vodoo, and voodoo all are known uses of the term which is also associated to christian magic although many people who are spiritualist, spell casters, Voodoo priests and voodoo priestess and spiritual practitioners are the only ones who know it. People often think of a psychic when they think of magick or witchcraft but a psychic is different. Many people who are psychic also call themselves spiritual readers or psychic readers, or even a seer. Papa Legba is a spirit in vodou that opens the way for success in all kinds. We offer road opener candles and road opener oils and other road opener products with remove blockage fast. Removing blockage and removing curses and removing jinxes are essential to being successful. Uncrossing is also important as uncrossing brings spiritual relief. A seer is a person known to be able to give spiritual advisement and intuitive counseling to clients and customers. To be a Voodoo doctor many people look for a two headed doctor who works and does both good magic or white magic and also black magic or dark magic or bad magic. A Voodoo Doctor is often very powerful and works with spirits to provide fast results to clients. Rootworkers are people who are often psychics and give spiritual readings.  and and at Black magic oils and black magic powders and black magic products are available such as to hot foot a person you must use hot foot oil to get rid of a person. Sister Angel rose is a Voodoo Worker and an authentic Root worker and authentic voodoo doctor. The Miracle Utopia offer authentic hoodoo oils and authentic Hoodoo products. We offer authentic voodoo spells and authentic voodoo oils and authentic voodoo candles. We have powerful break up oils and powerful break up spell kits. The powerful black magic spells gain fast results for clients. Our love drawing powders and love drawing candles and love drawing oils work fast and bring love magically to you. We have Fiery Romantic Love products. And Fiery romantic Love oils and other magic products and voodoo products. It is important in voodoo to remove negativity and remove curses and remove jinxes and sometime to put a curse on someone and at other times to put a jinx on someone who you don’t like or want around. Magic is also used to get rid of an unwanted person or people. The hoodoo items also include lucky money powder and lucky number powder. The lucky numbers are also available for magic gambling. We offer success products that help you gain a job and help you get a job. Our products include inexpensive oils but powerful conjure oils and conjure candles. Voodoo products are very important in receiving successful results and magical results that are miracles. Herbs are utilized in every product that is sold. The Miracle Utopia has herbal baths and 13 herb baths and 7 herb baths that offer powerful magic and lucky baths with lucky numbers and gambling magic. Powerful herbs are important in any spiritual practice or spiritual products and is essential in magical works. Voodoo and hoodoo both use magical herbs and herb magic within each magic herb products with herbs and roots that are used in magic products and voodoo oils, and conjure oils. 7 day candles are very important in magical practice as well as magic jar candles and hoodoo candles and voodoo candles. Each 7 day candle can burn for several days and bring magic and fast results into a persons magical life and voodoo work or hoodoo rootwork. Root work is known to use spiritual oils and spiritual powders and spiritual candles to assist in gaining positive fast results. Fast results and mojo sacks go hand in hand and are also called a magical hand or a nations sack. A nations sack is know to help a woman tie a man and also to return a lover. Return a lover or make someone come back to you is very important in hoodoo, voodoo, root work, and magic. The Miracle Utopia has free magic lessons and free hoodoo lessons and free voodoo lessons but doesn’t have free readings. We offer psychic readings from an honest and reliable powerful psychic reader who is also known as Sister Angel Rose. Sister Angel Rose is known for her voodoo and hoodoo root work and as a Root worker and Root woman who brings miracles in an honest way to clients. She is a world renown psychic and always helps clients receive fast magic results. The Miracle Utopia and white magic and and  also sells Holy magical weight loss tea that is a magic and holy weight loss tea that assists those who want to lose weight fast.  We also have pussy candles, vagina candles, penis candles, cock candles, black magic candles, break up candles and candles that make someone ask you for marriage or make them marry you magically. Mystical oils and mystical candles are also offered at and Mystical powders are also available with magical amazing results. Vodoo colognes and hoyts cologne and voodoo colognes and hoodoo colognes are powerful and available. Conjure and black magic spells are available.
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Spiritual Readings and Services by 
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Change Your Life Through Miracle Solutions!!