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December 20,2007
Update... I just wanted to let everyone know that this situation has been taken care of and the persons have been dealt with accordingly. The false information has been pulled from the Internet. If anyone has information on other illegal use of my name/information, please do let me know by emailing me at Please be sure that it is my name and information that is used

December 5, 2007
It has been brought to my attention that my name is being illegally used by Gypsy Scam Artists who claim to be Voodoo Workers and Psychics. Because of my many years of successful experience working for clients and helping them gain REAL solutions to their problems, this person decided my name would be good to steal and use to scam money out of people looking for the REAL Sister Angel Rose. This scammer has also been known to claim to "work with me" or "work for the same company as me." Once again, she is lying. I don't work for any company and I don't typically work with but one other individual and that person wouldn't mention it in a Craig's List Ad! Also, please be aware that I am an African American female, as witnessed by my photo below. The person who is impersonating me is not black and doesn't sound black. After doing some research, I discovered that this woman also goes by the name Doreen, Fiona, Ava, Mother Mary and many other names (Check out the Rip Off Report for her many names) and is listed on many Psychic Scammer Websites. I later found out that she is part of a gypsy scam ring where many people claim to be "Doreen" or whatever name they are using at the moment and they constantly rip people off. I researched the phone number and found that it belonged to Debbie Repinski of Stevens Point, WI. but they have listing all over the country. The liar is requesting that people send her money via Money Gram or Western Union. This is a true joke as if anyone knows me, they know that I almost NEVER have clients to send money in this way because I would prefer people not spend money to send me money and that they have a receipt from a money order or a paypal receipt as any legal business would.

I am often saddened when I speak with new clients who tell me they have been scammed by fake spiritual workers. It is even worse that I know someone is trying to scam people in my name. So, I write this with the hopes that real scammers will read it. Please KNOW and UNDERSTAND that my information is copyrighted and what you have done is illegal. Also, KNOW that I am working to take care of this problem by both LEGAL MEANS and SPIRITUAL MEANS. Although you may not be a real spiritual worker, I AM and I don't take kindly to such blatant disrespect and theft! Once I get my mind set, I will do whatever it takes to right a wrong. Therefore, this will be prosecuted to fullest extent of the law AND via DIVINE JUSTICE!

I wanted to include some information on how to tell a real Spiritual Worker from the Scammers...

(1) A Real Spiritual Worker will want to do a reading before doing any spiritual work for you. Real spiritual workers don't want to take a case without knowing fully what is going on and how to best handle your individual situation.  This serves both the client and the worker. This way the client knows up front what they are up against and how easy or difficult the case might be and how long you can expect to see results. Be careful of those offering FREE readings. In many cases free readings are used by scam artists to get you in so you can listen to them and their scam techniques.

(2) A Real Spiritual Worker will actually know things about your life and situation or family that you didn't have to tell them. Scam artists often give "cold readings" which allow them to gather information as they go. It is best if you don't tell the person everything up front when you call them. I always tell clients to tell the type of help they are looking for but not give me all the details. This way, I will know if it is the type of case I handle or if I need to refer the person to someone else. Do yourself a favor and don't give all of the information up front to a spiritual worker. A real practitioner won't want you to give too much anyway.

(3) A Real Spiritual Worker won't instantly tell you that you have a curse upon you or a loved one...or even that you were born with a generational curse. Yes, curses do exist and generational curses definitely exist, but most times that is not what is going on. Many scammers use this as a scare tactic to get you to hurry and pay them money. Scammers will also tell you that the person who is doing the work against you or your desires paid a lot of money to put you in the predicament you are in. Usually they are saying this because they want you to pay them a lot of money. Don't believe it! I talk to at least 5 people per day who say they have had reading where the Psychic told them they were cursed. Many have had several Psychics tell them the same thing, so they really believe they are cursed. Nine times out of ten, when we do a real reading we find out that they AREN'T cursed and that there are other issues that can often be simply taken care of.

If you feel like what the person is saying doesn't sound right...get a second or even third opinion! However most every scam artist says similar things so clients begin to believe it. Thus it then it becomes  a self full-filling prophecy. You believe it so, then you in essence curse yourself or at least block yourself greatly. Don't do this to yourself. You have more power than you recognize and your thoughts, even if begun by others, do make a difference in your life.

(4) A Real Spiritual Worker will give you ONE price for the work that is being done and won't charge you again for the same case. If someone is asking you for more and more money, it is almost certainly a scam artist. Every real spiritual practioner I know charges one price for one job, even if they have to do extra work to gain the desired effect. If someone asks you for more money for the same case....RUN!

(5) A Real Spiritual Worker will request specific personal items from each person involved in the work being done. They will also keep in contact with you during the work to check on your progress. They will answer your emails and phone calls (unless you call a ridiculous amount for no apparent reason).

(6) A Real Spiritual Worker will have the same phone number and address and even if they have more than one website their contact information will be the same or they will actively let their clients know of any changes. They won't change numbers constantly. Scammers change numbers alot because they are ducking people who have paid them money and received no spiritual results.

(7) A Real Spiritual Worker will not ask you to instantly send a Money Gram or Western Union. Most of us prefer you send money via money order or Paypal, which will give you a receipt. If a real spiritual worker does accept Money Gram or Western Union they will give you their full real names and addresses and not tell you to put it on a test question. That has scam written all over it.

(8) A Real Spiritual Worker will not make false claims. Many scam artists say that their spells and spiritual work is 100% guaranteed. If someone says their work is100% guaranteed then you should run. This is a sure sign that they are scamming you. All real spiritual workers understand that we are not God and that only God can give 100% guarantees. I personally have extremely high success rates because I only take cases where I will be successful to ensure happy clients. However, I still won't give someone a 100% guarantee because I'm not God and I don't claim to be God.

(9) A Real Spiritual Worker will not pressure you into moving forward with spiritual work. They will tell you what they believe would be most beneficial in your situation and then they will let you make up your own mind. Someone pressuring you is a dead give away that they are trying to scam money out of you.

(10) Lastly, I just want to say, you should always follow your first mind, or that little voice in the back of your head that gives you an uneasy feeling about someone who isn't "right." If you feel you are being probably are! Cut your losses and move on.

                 In loving kindness,


         The REAL Sister Angel Rose~

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Spiritual Readings and Services by 
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